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I’m Alessandra, eclectic and curios, I love everything that is beautiful, a great love for Verona and lake Garda, love for food, and for my family that is the most important thing in my life. I’m a planner by vocation: graduated in Economics and Commerce, organized by nature, with a great problem solving talent; to create customizes beautiful weddings is my mission.

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Big moments. A lifetime wedding memory.

Couples hire me because they live a crazy busy life, because of the distances, or because plan a wedding is exciting but demanding. My clients ask me to make their planning stress-free, and to create something of magic and unique.

Plan a wedding is not an exact science, no one can obliged you to follow rules that you do not feel comfortable for you. A wedding should tell who you are, your story, your passions, you do not need to change your tastes and feeling just because the marriage. Every couple is different from the other, this is why a perfect wedding is not a standard combination of elements or a puzzle of marriages you attended in the past translated in a different venue.

The perfect wedding is the one that perfectly suits on you, the one that reflects your tastes and nothing else.
Yes, I know that “Wedding Traditions” are very important, but we can renew them with a fresh touch to create a bright day, a fairy tale written just for you.


What is the role of the wedding planner?
making magic.


During the exciting wedding planning experience I always be by your side, following step by step every single detail, giving special tips, advices, suggestions and offering you a shoulder when the emotion become more pressing.

Do you want your marriage be different? Be Infinity, be an infinity italian wedding bride.


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Via delle Viole 4 - I 37024 Negrar - Verona

Tel. +39 3294485282

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