Wedding planner services


Wedding Planner Services

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Very often, people underestimate the huge quantity of time, skills, emotion, passion and dedication, knowledge of the local market that plan a wedding require. Find the perfect venue, the most beautiful setting or the florists who will create magic centerpieces, your own stationery…so many details to consider.

Infinity wedding planner team will take care of every single detail, and make your vision a reality.

From your engagement to your Wedding Day! Our crazy busy couples ask for a tailored service and a full time wedding planner; they deserve our complete assistance and the whole experience and support of a professional wedding planner team to manage the entire wedding planning process.

“Wedding planning & consultancy” is ideal for those couples who are getting married in Italy, miles away from home, where traditions, language and bureaucracy are different.

Tailored around you and your lifestyle, this is the top level service because we cover all aspects of your Wedding, we are by your side during the entire planning process and, on the wedding day, we coordinate all vendors and professionals to transform the wedding project into reality.

Our approach is bespoke: we don’t package weddings, we create weddings!


Services and Fees


Wedding planning and Consultancy

My wedding planner service is bespoke and tailored on your needs. The fee for a wedding planning and consultancy service depends on the size and scale of the wedding, the global complexity of the event, location, services I’m required to provide.. In any case, I do not ask commissions to vendors I suggest and I do not accept when they offer me a percentage, because I work only for my couple and I prefer to be free and give you honest and neutral tips and suggestions.

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Wedding day Coordination

Finally the Wedding Day. The only thing you have to do is enjoy your day and say “Yes, I do!”. We will be a discreet presence by your side, an expert eye, a friend, a professional upperparts to help guest, to oversee quality control, vendors coordination, styling. Your happiness is our mission, weddings are our job. Contact me 4/6 months before the wedding.

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Paperwork assistance and consultancy

Is always quoted separately; the fee depends on your citizenship.

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Venue find and tour

Photos are not enough for you and you prefer to see in person the reception venue? The fee includes: pricing, key information about the venue, availability, visiting the venue and follow up after the visit to help couple to confirm their chosen venue. If you will hire #infinityitalianwedding as your wedding planner, I will off-set the fee against the first invoice relating to the quoted “wedding planning and consultancy” service.

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Enjoy your wedding!


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