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Wedding in Malcesine

Wedding at Malcesine Castle

Malcesine is a picturesque town set like a precious gem between the Monte Baldo and Lake Garda. On the crag, stands the Medieval Castle of Malcesine: from its terraces people overlook the lake thanks to a 360-degree panorama view.
At any hour of the day, the panorama-show changes with the succession of colors: bright sun and blue sky in the morning, light breeze and warm atmosphere late in the afternoon.
The castle of Malcesine has its roots in Italian ancient history, it has medieval origin but it seems that to be even older!
Several times over the centuries the castle has changed ownership: originally Lombardo, then to the Franks, Scaligeri, Venetians, Visconti, French and Austrians; thanks to the German writer Goethe, who visited this wonderful castle during his Italian trip, it’s become popular all over the world. Drawings, sketches and descriptions are immortalized in his “Italienische Reise”, (1813-1817).

The municipality of Malcesine has dedicated a museum and a monument at the entrance of the castle in honor of this popular writer.

After 1277, the castle remained the property of the “Scaligeri” family, the “Della Scala”, Gentlemen of Verona, until 1378 when, (with the fall of their lordship) the castle and the whole country passed to the Visconti of Milan.
Since the beginning of 1400, the castle became a Venetian property and it remained in the hands of the “Repubblica Serenissima di Venezia” until it fall in 1797.
After that and only for a short period the castle of Malcesine remained in French hands and became Austrian in 1800. During the various wars of independence the town of Malcesine and its castle were militarized and became the district of the Austrian garrisons. With the armistice of Villafranca in 1886, Malcesine and all the Veronese territory became part of the Kingdom of Italy (Regno d’Italia).

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Since 1902 the castle is an Italian National Monument.
The castle also houses a Natural History Museum of Baldo and Lake Garda.

So many stories, so many characters, complicated adventures of love and war have taken place within these walls. The castle of Malcesine, is now owned by the municipality of Malcesine and it guests a number of exhibitions and picturesque events. It is daily visited by a large number of tourists.

Some years ago the municipality started to hire the castle to guest celebrations of civil weddings and blessings.

Weddings at the castle of Malcesine are breathtaking, a perfect mix between history and the natural beauty of Lake Garda.

From north to south, from Riva to Sirmione, the scenario is amazing, gorgeous. It almost seems to enter in another era. After a little walk  through the narrow streets of the center, the way to the castle becomes slower,  tourists slow down their steps, to admire the castle that gradually becomes closer.
The drawbridge, the balcony overlooking the lake, battlements and terraces of the castle, carry the guests in a parallel dimension, suspended between earth and sky.
In front of the immensity of the sky, the eyes fall into the deep blue of the lake, caressed by the constant breeze of the “Ora”.

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Exchanging the wedding vows is more intense, magical and eternal than in any other place.

When I visit the terrace of the castle with my couples, I feel the same emotions, I need to stop and stare for a moment in silence because our emotions are speaking!
In their eyes I can see that they are in love with the castle and that they are imagining how their marriage will be in such wonderful place. They hold hands, look into their eyes, sometime someone whispers the question and the “Yes, I do” follows quickly.
And now the dream …
There are no words to describe this emotion, every time is like the first: it is such a pleasure to accompany the lovers on their way to their “Yes I do” Moment.
The charm and complicity of the castle are silent witnesses of so many love stories.

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