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Venetian Villas preserve a very important history heritage. Often, some of them have been transformed into luxury hotels, in few cases they are still private houses where owners love to hosts elegant private wedding events.

A reception in Villa offers the opportunity to visit places that are often unknown and secrets. You can visit the ancient cellars, or stunning parks and frescoed ball rooms: secrets places will be yours for your special day! For an elegant and charming wedding reception a Veneto villa is the perfect setting.

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Veneto Villa in Val d’Illasi

The Villa was originally build in the 16th century and welcomes its guests in a typical italian garden exposed like a natural balcony over the green valley below. The park, built in the 1700, has a great value because it is full of rare trees imported from all around the world by the owner who are still living in the Villa.

The curios eyes of visitors are amazed by many pleasant surprises: the putti (children’s statues) in the garden, a hidden staircase in the park, quaint caricatures from the last war period and frescoed ceilings typical of an Italian country house. The Villa has a truly important story and it is part of the Venetian Villas course.

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Veneto Villa in Valpolicella

The creation of the estate dates back to the first half of the XVIII century and over the time it has been renewed several time and enriched with a still working winery where the owners produce a popular Amarone.

In the beautiful park there are a little lake and rare tree essences; we organize wedding receptions in the park during spring and summer seasons. Since its construction, the house was frequented by famous artists and poets of the time and was home of a cultural and literary club.

The peace of the surrounding countryside, its rather isolated location, and its frescoed halls, make this villa an ideal set for receptions and private events with an unique fil rouge: class and elegance.

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Veneto Villa near Verona

A real “treasure”, an amazing Veneto villa licensed for legal civil marriages celebrations; it’s easy to reach from the center of Verona and from the main highways.

All frescoed rooms overlook a lush park on the back of the House and a beautiful and intimate Italian garden in front of the house. The garden is ideal set for photo shooting and amazing parties. The estate dates back to 1400 while the frescoes inside the rooms and the chapel to 1500 and are attributed to the “Veronese” school.

In this gorgeous and classic atmosphere we create elegant and chic wedding s and private events.

Wedding in Villa Veneta with Wine

Villa & Wine

This Villa dates back to1200,and it has stunning frescoed halls and one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy.

Very close to the center of Verona, it’s easily reachable in a few minutes by car, this Veneto Villa offers a truly unique setting where couple can celebrate and warmly welcome friends and relatives.

In order to receive and accommodate your guests with love, we will take care of all necessary arrangements for a comfortable stay in one of the prestigious city center hotels.


Wedding in private Veneto Villas

Private Veneto Villa

A sixteenth century country house, renewed in the XVIII century, surrounded by a garden and a lush vineyard.

On the ground floor a “loggia” with three arches and marble columns is perfect setting for exclusive an intimate events.

The “brolo”, that is a great wall, surrounds al the estate and orchard and hides and protect your event from prying eyes: absolute privacy for you and your guest in this exclusive Villa.


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